Rachel's Ginger Pot with single-use clip-lid
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Reducing the use of  Plastic from our Big pots

At Rachel’s Organic we care about the environment and work to ensure we reduce the impact on the environment in all areas of our business and in the packaging of our products.

As a celebration of 70 years of being faithful to Nature, we have removed the single-use clip-lids from all of our range of Big pots of yogurts. This will mean the removal of 9 million pieces of plastic*.

Since eliminating these single-use clip-lids can be an adjustment, and as big pots are not necessarily consumed in one go, Rachel’s Organic has gone one step further in offering a free reusable and recyclable over cap, which can be used time and time again and is also dishwasher safe.

Rachels Ginger Pot with single-use plastic lid

*based on the number of pots sold in 2021.


Our Reusable & recycable over cap

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Rachel's Raspberry Big Pot with new reusable over cap
70 years of
being faithful
to nature
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uploading your receipt

Please make sure you take a clear and well lit photo of your receipt that clearly shows a qualifying Rachel's Organic purchase. Your image needs to be a valid format, we accept .jpg, .png, .gif and .pdf.

These images will be reviewed and you may not receive your over cap if we cannot validate your purchase.

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where's my barcode number?

You can find the barcode number on the back of your pot below the barcode itself, it is a 13 digit number. Please enter the number in full without any spaces.

Rachel's Organic Barcode Number Location

reusable over cap promotion now closed

You can also find other ways to store your yogurts: using aluminium foil to reseal the pot, or purchasing reusable silicon stretch lids. Join us in our support for a more sustainable world!

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